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Welcome to the Macdonald Holdings Group

Macdonald Holdings has been involved in the steel and engineering sector in Southern Africa for almost fifty years. This considerable bank of knowledge lets us offer reliable, cost-effective products and engineering services to your business. From rolled-steel pipe to precision-machined parts, our reputation for innovation brings your business more than steel products, we offer solutions. Speak to our specialist consultants for a custom solution to any query.

We pride ourselves on building long-standing relationships with our customers by supplying the best quality products, on time and at the right price, through our synergistic business units. Based on our core values of expertise, competitiveness, quality and service; we strive to conduct our business with consideration for our clients and staff, the environment and the global community. We are a Level 3 BBBEE compliant group that values trans-formative skills development and training; not just across our divisions but in the communities from which we operate.

Our Vision

We strive to be a globally recognised leader in the steel and engineering sectors through the operation of sustainable business units, while remaining true to our core principles, by being responsible to our clients, staff, the environment and the global community.

Our Mission

It is our mission to commit to the provision of reliable and cost-effective steel products and engineering services, operating with integrity, innovation and inclusively with all stakeholders.

Leading by Example

At Macdonald Holdings we believe in leading by example and that is why everything we do, we do with integrity and a strong work ethic. Every one of our businesses is encouraged to develop and build the community around them and ensure that our legacy is a strong one and one of which we can be proud. Macdonald Holdings: Helping to develop South Africa.


Founded by Alistair MacDonald in 1970, AA MacDonald Steel, started as a steel merchant operation out of Maydon Wharf in Durban, South Africa.

A staff of ten ran the shop until the company’s first windfall in 1975 – the second overland oil pipeline from Durban to Johannesburg. Pitching against far more established players in the industry, the fledgling company showed tenacity that would become a hallmark in later years.

The company was renamed MacDonald Steel in 1996, following the transfer of ownership to Cecil Reddy. As Chairman and CEO, Cecil Reddy spearheaded the move towards diversifying the Group’s interests into secondary manufacturing divisions until his untimely passing in 2014.

MacDonald Holdings continues to provide innovative, industry-defining products and services to our customers, with the same level or expertise and service that they have come to expect from us, 50-years on.